How Manly is Manly? (Week 7)

Hypermasculinity is a psychological term for the exaggeration of male stereotypical behavior, such as an emphasis on physical strength, aggression, and sexuality. When you think of a stereotypical male you tend to think muscular man, with an egoistic personality, who … Read More

The Life of a Princess (Week 6)

Beautiful Belle is a slave to her cruel step mother and her two unruly step sisters, yet her hair always done perfectly and makeup on she is still beautiful. Sleeping Beauty has been asleep for 100 years, yet she looks … Read More

All Lives Matter (Week 4)

Looking back on the world, very few would have guessed we could have come so far. The “Black Lives Matter” movement has been one of the toughest things people have had to deal with and finally there is the beginning … Read More

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